Suspicious Vehicle in Yorkshire

The Springettsbury Police received a call recently about a suspicious van in the area of Maywood Road in the Yorkshire Neighborhood.  It was reported that two white male subjects in a white work van were following and watching an elementary student as he got off the school bus.  Officers responded to the area but were not able to locate the white van or any vehicle matching that description.  Further investigation revealed that the occupants of the van never attempted to make contact with the child and no other calls were received about this van.  Officers have been aggressively patrolling the area and interviewing people within the neighborhood with no additional information being obtained.

The Springettsbury Township Police would encourage all parents to make their children aware of what to do if approached by a stranger.  It is important to walk in groups and never get into a vehicle with someone unfamiliar.  Parents are encouraged to have a special code word that can be used if there is an emergency and someone other than a parent or relative has to pick their child up.  Avoid unsafe areas that are isolated, deserted, or dimly lit.  Headphones can prevent you from hearing someone coming up from behind you and are discouraged outdoors.  Most importantly, call 911 if you think something suspicious is going on.

For more topics of discussion with your children please click the link  for the National Child Safety Council.