Charges filed in McDonalds’ assault incident

On Friday 11/30/12 police were called to the McDonalds in the 300 block of Memory Lane for an assault report.  Upon arrival the investigation revealed that a customer became irate when he discovered that his hamburger mistakenly had a piece of cheese on it.  The male customer knocked over a trash can and threw a child’s high chair prior to exiting the store.    A female employee followed the male into the parking lot in an attempt to obtain a registration plate for male’s vehicle.  Once in the parking the suspect attacked the employee as she tried to call police.  The male took her phone and through it across the parking lot.  He then fled the area in his vehicle.  Through information provided by witnesses, a suspect was developed and on 12/18/2012 charges were filed against Sean Varone, (35) of Dover, Pa.  He was charged with Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Criminal Mischief.  Further investigation found that the female employee involved in this incident sustained an injury to her leg as a result of her involvement.