Daily Report for May 15th, 2017

On Monday May 15th STPD Officers handled 28 incidents, investigated 4 motor vehicle accidents, and responded to 1 burglar alarm.  Of those incidents the following crimes were reported:

Identity theft-3800 block of Tarpley Dr

At 1500 hours an Officer met with the victim for the report of identity theft.  The victim advised he recently discovered someone had used his information to open several cell phone accounts.

Retail theft-Lowes, 2449 E Market St

At 1515 hours an Officer responded to Lowes for the report of a retail theft that occurred on 5/13/17.  An employee advised two males worked together to take $697 worth of merchandise without paying.

Retail theft-Walmart, 2801 E Market St

At 1527 hours an Officer responded to Walmart for the report of a retail theft where two suspects had fled.  An employee advised the two male suspects had taken a  combined total of $148 worth of merchandise and took off running when confronted.

Retail theft-Target, 2610 Pleasant Valley Rd

At 1548 hours an Officer responded to Target for the report of a retail theft involving employees.  A manager advised that two employees had been involved in a retail theft with a total loss of $302 worth of merchandise.  The investigation is ongoing.

Access device fraud-Rutters, 1099 Haines Rd

At 1855 hours an Officer responded to Rutters for the report of access device fraud.  The victim advised  that someone used his bank card information to withdraw money from his account.  The investigation is ongoing.