Springettsbury Township Ordinance requires that all commercial and residential burglar, fire, and/or EMS alarms be registered with the police department and then renewed yearly.  The fee for initial registration is $25.00 and the yearly renewal fee is $15.00.

Click on the link below to see the Springettsbury Township Ordinances.

Alarm Ordinances

Please use the link below to complete the registration and yearly renewal form.

2019 alarm registration form


Springettsbury Township Police Department

1501 Mount Zion Road

York, PA 17402

NOTE: No receipts will be issued!  Your cancelled check or money order stub will be your receipt.  Please keep a copy of this form for your records.


Springettsbury Township Police and Fire Departments are responsible for the protection of the general public, and therefore, respond to individual alarm systems as permitted by available manpower at the time of any alarm.  Excessive false or unnecessary alarms may result in reduced response priority to your individual address and will necessitate that penalties be imposed.  To facilitate our response, post your street number so that it is clearly visible from the roadway, and in compliance with Township Ordinance #116-1 relating to posting of street addresses.

It is the alarm user’s responsibility to use the system properly, and to keep it in good working condition.  Have your system inspected and serviced regularly by qualified technicians.  Report any system problem promptly to your alarm servicing company.  All system batteries, especially the main backup battery, must be replaced in a timely manner as required.


Before arming your system, (1) always check to ensure that all protected doors and windows are closed and secure, (2) always check to ensure that motion sensor areas are clear of moving objects such as hanging signs or helium balloons, and (3) if you are unable to disarm your system, wait a few seconds before trying again.  Ask your alarm company for specific instructions regarding your alarm system, (4) all potential system users, such as relatives, housekeepers, cleaning services, etc., should be regularly trained in the proper use of your systems.